Happy 2019 everyone!! Its 'Business as Usual' at Manuka Brothers HQ again. Keep an eye on our future FB and Instagram posts for new MB coffee destinations and bunker menu additions coming soon!!
Here at Manuka Brothers' Coffee in Hamilton, New Zealand, we batch roast high quality arabica coffee beans in our wood-fired roaster                                                                                                                                                                    

The Manuka Brothers

Driven by a passion for coffee and an inspired idea to build a roaster with a difference, Graeme and Tyson designed and built a beautifully engineered machine fondly known as 'Black Betty'. By batch roasting coffee over the glowing embers of Manuka wood, a distinctive warm, sweet and complex flavour is created. The coffee roasted from this machine has a range of flavours not found in regular gas-fired roasters.

Black Betty is fired up every week to bring you fresh, batch roasted, delicious coffee.

The boys spent time developing and refining the different roasts, to ensure a product they are proud of. There is much excitement surrounding Manuka Brothers' Coffee; the quality of this product is taking coffee to the next level.

What's Happening ?

Find out what the Manuka Brothers' are up to. New places and events to find our coffee beans or hot drinks from our litle yellow cart.

Latest news!! The number of Manuka Brothers coffee destinations has grown in the last 12 months. Find out where our bean is brewing here.

Welcome to the Bunker
A beacon of hope
Little Yellow in action